European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering - ESCAPE 24 - June 15-18, 2014 - Budapest, Hungary
Saturday, 19 April 2014
Planned Social Programmes


Welcome party in Gerbeaud House

Café Gerbeaud, which celebrates the 150th anniversary of its foundation, situated at Vörösmarty tér in Budapest downtown, is one of the greatest and most traditional coffeehouses in Europe. Recently still, it shines in Gründerzeit style with its stucco, the grand chandeliers, the panelling made of exotic woods and its furniture. Today, a beer garden and restaurant have been added to the original coffee house and confectionery.

Gerbeaud House

Excursion and conference dinner to Szentendre-Visegrád

Szentendre is one of the most exciting artistic villages in Hungary, only 20 kms from Budapest, in the picturesque Danube Bend region, along the Danube River. It was founded by fleeing Serbian settlers who left their homeland attacked by the Turkish armies in the 16th century. At present, Szentendre is a charming town with cobble stone streets, a dozen of art galleries and little museums, with cafes and marvellous little shops.


Visegrád, the former royal seat of Hungaran kings, is a lovely village in the Danube Bend. At the top of Visegrád Hill, from the ruins of King Bela IV’s medieval castle you can enjoy the fascinating view, while at the foot of the hill, King Matthias' Renaissance Castle offers a unique insight into the architecture of the age.

The highlight of the tour is the medieval tournament. Some 30 players, all members of the Budapest St.George Order and active practitioners of medieval warfare will perform an intricate medieval show. The show will last 45 minutes, after which visitors are encouraged to join in and try the various weapons for themselves.

The tournament is followed by an authentic Renaissance feast in a beautiful restaurant next door, also called, Renaissance. With its interior tasteful dishes and drinks served in earthenware, the Restaurant reflects a truly medieval atmosphere.


Organ Concert in St Anna Church

St. Anna Church is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches of Budapest, built between 1740-1761. The graceful, two-towered Church of St Anne a fine example of Italian Baroque architecture, dominates Batthyány Square. On the top of the main gate symbolic figures of faith, hope and love greet the visitors above them the coat of arms of city of Buda and in the upper niche statues of St Anne and Mary guards the entrance.
20th-century frescos adorn the interior that forms a cross. The altar and the other paintings date back to the 18th century. From the ceiling of the dome beautiful fresco by Pál Molnár looks down on you.

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